Howat Group is a leader in the oil and gas industry and one of the most effective and impactive metals suppliers globally

Howat Group is a leader in the oil and gas industry and one of the most effective and impactive metals suppliers globally

Through acquisition and organic customer expansion, our sector-leading brands are regarded as the main route to market for producing mills who are focused on supplying the oil and gas sector as well as other industries

Based in new state-of-the-art facilities, roof-line is maximised by seamless back-shop integration while maintaining individual customer facing specialisation. The Dearne Valley operational base enables the company to deliver a unique combination of lower costs, higher efficiency and collective experience over a wide range of special materials suitable for oil and gas downhole and subsea applications together with a wide cross-section of other specialised industrial applications.

With individual core competence and focused inventory investment, Ancon, AMS UK, AMS Barpoint and ESS are all sector-leading businesses offering industry specialisation in core products ranging from low alloys to stainless and high nickel alloys.

Offering a range of nationally recognised material grades to bespoke high strength variants per customers in-house specifications, the group supplies all product forms from bar, bored bar, tube, pipe, forgings and rolled rings.

By operating these specialist companies from a lower and more efficient cost base, Howat Group are responding to the need for greater efficiency in the supply chain and stripping out infrastructure that burdens other material suppliers.

This is a unique service combination of collective experience, product knowledge, technical know how and the most comprehensive product range in one location.

  • Safety
    Throughout the organisation our goal is an incident-free workplace. We work every day to make sure all our people are safe.
  • Integrity
    We apply the highest ethical standards in everything we do. We treat clients, our people, partners and suppliers fairly and with respect.
  • Sustainability
    We take a proactive approach towards our social responsibilities and mitigate the impact of our activities on our planet’s environment.
  • Performance
    We are driven to achieve the outcomes our clients require. We are trusted to achieve exceptional performance from every project.
  • Collaboration
    We work closely and openly together with clients, partners and suppliers at a local and global level to deliver safer and stronger results for all.
  • Innovation
    We create smarter and simpler solutions to meet the industry’s needs. We combine technology, expertise, assets and partnerships to deliver projects in new ways.

Howat Group’s product line is extensive, satisfying even the most rare metals needed for your unique operations